Ouray Days

Photo of the Amphitheater in winter, a geologic feature which forms part of the "bowl" that surrounds Ouray
Ouray Amphitheater


Want to know what it is like to live in Ouray surrounded by stunning beauty all year round or find out what is going on while you are away and can’t be in Ouray?  Check the BLOG of my experiences and spend some time thinking about what you could be doing in Ouray.  I’ll be including notes about activities, weather, cooking, mixology, and the basics of living here as well as some photographs of the scenes and doings.  I know when you vacation here, there may be days that the weather doesn’t cooperate with your photo shoots so enjoy some of my photos!   I decided to live here year round so that I would have ample opportunity to enjoy what Ouray has to offer.  For starters, every day you awake to gorgeous scenery, whether it is raining, snowing or sunny.  Ouray, elevation about 7750 feet, give or take, sits in a bowl created by stunning geologic formations–the “amphitheater” whose rocks are from the San Juan Formation (30-35 million years ago), Mt Abram and the lower peak of Mt. Hayden, and several other named mountains ending the Sneffels Range.   I could say more, and will from time to time, in the BLOG. I hope you’ll join me there!

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